Hair Care Tips

  • How To Repair Bleach-Damaged Curls

    Summer is here, and with the arrival of a new season, you might have a new hue in mind. Maybe you’ve been admiring red and have decided to try out the bold shade, or you want to test out the theory and see if blondes really have more fun. While they’re both good looks, there is one (big) potential downside to a bold new hair color. The process of dyeing your hair, in general, can leave it in need of repair. And if you need to bleach your hair to get your desired hue, the bleaching process and constant upkeep may leave you with damaged curls.
  • The Benefits Of Rose Water For Hair

    For centuries, humans have had a love affair with roses. We give the gift of roses for birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, funerals, and everything in between. And when it comes to your natural hair care routine—in the form of rose water—it is the gift that keeps on giving. Adding rose water to your routine will not only nourish your hair, it’s pleasant scent and antioxidant properties can also help restore your hair to its full potential (hello, great hair days). Truly the rose water benefits for your hair are endless! Read on to learn more about rose water for hair, the moisture-producing ingredient.
  • How To Manage Split Ends On Curly Hair

    Of all the curly hair issues that require consistent attention, split ends rank high on the list. They’re a concern that impact the look and overall health of every curl pattern. In addition to the frequent moisture management that curly hair requires, treating and checking for split ends should be a regular practice to keep curls from breaking and frizzing-up.
  • How to Moisturize Natural Hair

    Curly hair has no greater love than moisture. A good hair moisturizer is what helps it thrive and keeps it bouncy, defined, and smooth. Your scalp is an extension of your skin, which needs water for sheer survival.